DHRUVH Social Awareness Forum’s execution of projects/ program structure is as follows:-

DHRUVH Social Awareness Forum (General Body)

Advisory Board >>>


<<< Board of Patron

Project Director
Projects/Program Staff(s)
Administrative/Office Staff
Resource Personnel

Executive Body :The Executive Body elected/nominated by the majority of the general members of the organization.  The Body’s responsibilities are to overall supervision, guidance and policy decision. ( Advisory Board & Board of Patrons, to assist E.C ) The Executive Body appoints the  Project Director and recruit the other staff as per the need of the specific project with the consultation with the Project D. 

Project Director : The Project  Director is responsible for the smooth  execution of the specific  project/program and he is responsible towards the outcome of the projects/program.  The Project Director is answerable to the Executive Body. The Project Director on regular basis appraises the organization’s activities to the Executive Body.

Projects/Program Staff : As the organization is not strong enough financially and it has not been able to keep its entire staff for longer periods and some of its staff has to be taken afresh or from our staff /volunteers’ panel for each project. It takes a lot of pain in recruiting & training its staff and volunteers, but this sincerity already has been noticed & appreciated from various sectors for the deep commitment and discipline working of our staffs and volunteers at grass-route level. The projects/program Staffs are to be reported to the Project Director on daily basis.  These Staffs’ assessment and evaluation are being done primarily by the Project Director and if needed executive committee may intervene.

The chain of command and the disciplined way of work is our asset. Our previous project success and fieldwork assessment already made us confidant enough to go ahead with any type of NGO related work.
Administrative/Office Staff : The Administrative Staff consists of  one Office Assistant, one Peon and one Social Worker. They are on regular basis.  They do the day to day job of the office. And they are controlled and supervised by the Office Secretary of the organization.
Resource Personnel : The Project Director may hire the Resource Personnel(s) on temporary basis as per the need of the specific project/program to make the target group aware about the concerned issues.  They usually are the specialist of their subjects.
DHRUVH - SOCIAL AWARENESS FORUM’s members include people from the various strata of the society from qualified Professionals and Social activists to Students, House-wives etc.

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The word DHRUVH taken from the pole star-'Dhruvh-tara' or 'Dhruvh-star' surrounded by seven stars called Saptarishi (in India) or Great Bear, which is static and always guide passerby specially the sailors to get right way since the ancient time when compass etc was not invented.

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