Mainstreaming of madras colony

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Mainstreaming of madras colony

a habitant of nearly 15,000 people, who use to feel them culturally & linguistically isolated even staying within the heart of Delhi.

Our present intervention with “madrasi colony” to enhance the total socio-economical status of the local inhibitors

Total integration of Madrasi Colony, JalVihar, Lajpat Nagar-2, New Delhi-110024 a mix land of DDA, Railway, Adjacent old Factory-which is abundant now, NDMC, MCD and some other agencies. Years back it was a jungle area and after establishing railway colony including the development of Jalvihar bus depot, the open land started using by the migrant inhabitant of Tamil Nadu who left their state for getting easy job at surrounding locality of Lajpat Nagar, East of Kailash etc. Gradually they started settling here permanently and applied & received their Delhi state identity card, enrolled in voter list and now they are the part & parcel of Delhi. The population of the slum nearly 15,000. Family 2,835 to 3,250.(Permanent, time bound and migrant).

Socio-economical status of the area:

As mostly the dwellers of Madrasi Colony are migrant from TamilNadu, they are poor verse in Hindi language – both male and female.

Females are working as domestic help and only speak the broken Hindi to continue the daily routine of profession. Males are in job of washing cars or maximum to join somewhere as driver. Some of them work as daily base labor under contractor for Delhi Metro etc.

Due to the cultural difference & geographical distance a feeling of separation make them isolated and mostly the adult & teen-aged males indulge into drugs and substance addiction – side effect of that are family violence, non seriousness about child-education which continuing with eve-teasing snatching or blading not for the outsider but for the insiders as well.

Hygienic condition is very poor, as the area being used for dumping garbage. No preventive medicine being sprayed neither any health facilities extended to them officially. No shed or shelter is there for teaching the children or adult. The rooms of jhuggi are too small to accommodate a group into any room.

A number of persons found disable, some congenitally, some due to train accident, which is a routine affair. The jhuggi literally on railway track and daily at least 35-40 trains both passengers and goods train passes the area.

Economically they are the real BPL and like any part of India the poverty ridden-unhygienic this area also divided by cast and other social ritual influences.

Followings are the brief of our work plan with cause and after-effect:

Problems identified How to solve Effect afterward Time Required
Very poor or no education, not to say Hindi properly 1. Teach them Hindi reading-writing. Will help them to search alternate livelihood, i.e. 9 - 12 moths
Family violence, Drug, alcohol & substance addiction. 1.Counsel the girls & women for behavioral change
2.Make a SHG
3. Formation of committee & peer group for sustainability.
4. arrange mobile repair shop and madrasi food stall etc.
Empowered them mentally, socially, economically. Prepare them to get their right & honor at home. Family will become balanced and children will be focused & cared properly. 9 - 12 moths
Children not to go school or school drop-out Teach the children of age group 5 to 14, & coordinating with local school to get their admission & continuous follow-up Will help them make enrich mentally. They will in future mingle properly with Delhi & delhites. 9 - 12 moths
Health status very poor Health camp and health advice – periodically Segregating & make aware for TB, Diabetes, AIDS, Cancer etc Preventive measure will be taken & physical better-ness will ensure other wellness. 9 - 12 moths
A number of persons found disable, some congenitally, some due to train accident, which is a routine affair. Get them examined by orthopedics, physiotherapist, neurologist and other concern specialist. Get them artificial limbs fitted. Get their disable certificates and arrange pension & other facilities. They will be rehabilitated both physically & economically; they will be independent & stronger emotionally.
*(Some cases physiotherapy follow up will be needed for a long time)
9 - 12 moths*
No legal water connection, No toilet and sewerage system, very unclean & unhygienic status. Legal water connection through proper channel. Construct community toilet at least 20 & proper sewerage system in place. Construct cemented dustbin, minimum requirement-100 small and 10 big No time limit as identity problem is very crucial for the area
No shed or shelter is there for teaching the children or adult. Try to build a shelter of two rooms as their learning center, which will be in use by both children and adult and gradually digitalize those for


This may be the 1st phase target which may be show-cased as a pilot urban-slum development and hunger eradication program and later on this could be extended in many folds based on raised gradual local needs one after another in better development process of the community.

Madrasi Colony - cleanliness, education, disable empowerment

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