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Innovative program by 'DHRUVH -Social Awareness Forum' for the elderly who already spent their most of the valuable time of life for the sake of protection & growth of the family, society & nation.

We, the members of a voluntary organization feel the poor vulnerable status of respected elderly citizens and hence come with the program with 'no loss no profit' basis to serve the respected.

We are thinking of pulling people from all spectrum of society for availing the benefit and suggestions are to make some categories, where basic care services will be same irrespective of registration & membership fees.

Proposed categories:
Category Registration (one time) Monthly Membership charges Free services, for all members Paid services per need
A. Poor / lower middle 2,000 3,000 1.*General / Routine assistance 2.*Emergency assistance * Under 'our services' below.

(now it will be in trial basis, it may take some more time to specify the service list/ add more services)
Any/all other services not included under free service category.
B. Middle 4,000 6,000
C. Effluent / High effluent / NRI 10,000 12,000
Note: The economic level will be identified by profession, present income source etc.

Our aims:
to make the elder persons feel that neither they are rejected by the society nor they are burden of the younger members who were once being taken care for grown up by them. Our Objectives: To associate with them, company them as much as possible; make their own world by pulling same minded, same aged people and creating a group of their own. We are only to assist them and prevent them from the easy vulnerability status of evil eyes.

For first three months or so, it will be on trial basis, gradually we'll identify the services "FREE of cost" under the monthly fees bracket and which will be "PAID" and served under special need.

Our Services:
1. General / Routine assistance:

a. Keep trail of Maid/Milkman/House help/Washer man/Ironman/Guard/Driver etc. (Keep their phone number handy and talk with them on monthly/regular need basis, as per member's request so they do the regular work with discipline, for which they have been assigned.)
b. Scheduled medicine for the month to be bought/brought.
c. Intention to arrange regular yoga/ freehand exercise / evening group gathering etc for enhancing the quality time.
d. Weekly get together to be arranged, so that bondage among the members increased.
indent Monthly one routine health checkup will be organized (General Examination & consultation will be free, blood test & further treatment will be guided & followed up. Who are already under treatment, those cases also will be reviewed & advised accordingly.

2. Emergency assistance:
a. The assistance unit will be open for 24X7 hours, all days in months & year and health related problem will be taken care of, i.e. shifting to hospital etc
b. Problem created by an unknown/outsider, ie. Forceful entry into house, physical abuse etc will be taken care of to resolve with help of local police.

3. Special assistance:
a. Give company upto rail-bus station or to receive someone from station, whiles a where.
b. Accompany the members for a scheduled program/party etc.

4. Other activities:
a. Sending good wishes & symbolic celebrating of birthday, marriage ceremony etc.
b. Monthly or Bi-monthly outing for a day or two (contribution based, on actual).

Future strategies:
1. Apart from monthly routine health checkup, home visit by physicians/ counselors will be conducted for the persons unable to participate in camps, to to assess physical/medical needs, accordingly to advice for remedy and which will be later on followed by our field executives.
2. To provide emotional counseling, routinely and in need.
3. Spiritual counseling, routinely and in need.
4. Bereavement counseling, routinely and in need.
5. One room at local control unit will be modified as 'common room' with basic facilities, i.e. papers, magazine & playing equipments so that members can gather easily to spend quality time, which will be open from 10am-10pm.
6. Arrange ambulance for carrying sick persons to hospital & dead persons for crimination.
7. Arrange vehicle/driver on demand for the members.

N.B.: Our president himself a physician & devoted for social cause, which gives us an extra edge for the program.

NB: Just the program has been started and we've to go long. This is an innovative program and lot many things may be incorporated for. The program not only for the local residence but has been specially designed for the kids, who stay away abroad keeping the parents here in India. So make it more suitable for the kids and comfortable for the parents as well, we appreciate your advice/guidance on this regard.

We appreciate your donation, whatever the small amount it may be, in cash or kind (old vehicle, furniture-fixture, laptop, fridge etc or unused space), which may help us to high up the comfortless of our beneficiaries.

Banking information: (for Indian national, living in India)
1. Punjab National Bank, Savings Bank A/C: 0117000100492522.Branch: Deoli, B. Code: 488100. MICR Code: 110024465. IFSC Code: PUNB0488100. Address:151, Devli village, (Near Main Bus Stop), New Delhi -110062, India. Ph. : 011- 29911339-40.

2. Bank of Baroda, Savings A/c : 09630100006523 .Branch : East Of Kailash, Branch Code : KAIDEL, IFSC Code : BARB0KAIDEL,MICR Code : 110012017, Swift code: BARBINBBNND. Address: 16, Community Center, EoK, N D-65, India. 011- 26416467.

3. State Bank of India, Savings Bank A/C: 31176718226. Branch Code: 04843. IFSC Code: SBIN0004843. MICR Code: 110002124. Address: Ambedkar Ngr,Sector-1,New Delhi -110017.India. Phone: 011-26051416.

FCRA Banking information : (for foreign national- in & out of India and NRIs )
Savings bank A/c : 355702010045904. (Old account: 45904) UNION BANK OF INDIA (Swift Code:UBININBBNDL, MICR: 110026019, IFSC Code: UBIN0535575, Branch Code : 535575.) Address: H-532, Kailash Colony Market, New Delhi - 110048. India

NB: After donation, whatever the amount is, please let us know, acknowledgement & receipt under 80G will be sent at earliest. Depending on response we will apply with USA & UK Government TAX departments for tax benefit of Indian origin people who have been awarded by the countries' nationality.

Sh. Sunil Srivastava,
Director, Elder Assistance unit & Advisor of DHRUVH.
Delhi NCR Unit office :
House number-1739, Sector 37, Arun Vihar, Noida.

US representative:
Mr. Vikas Marwaha, 191, Windsong circle, New Jercy, U.S.A.
Mobile: 7323435708.

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