Counseling Unit

Counseling unit
DHRUVH-Social Awareness Forum

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We have a counseling unit for reconciliation on following issues:

1. Counseling for better parenting. 2. For family violence & such other related activities.
3. Pre marriage & Post marriage counseling for better adjustment.
4. Maladjustment due to spouse attitude, behavior, addiction & wrong practice.
5. From minor depression to suicidal tendency due to stress, anxiety, cop-up inability etc.
6. Counseling of teen agers about reproductive change cop-up & overcome peer pressure.
7. Counseling of students for examination foveae, to ease the expectation pressure & chose the career.
8. Other unique personal problems, which you would like to share & discuss for a better solution.

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DHRUVH -Social Awareness Forum
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The word DHRUVH taken from the pole star-'Dhruvh-tara' or 'Dhruvh-star' surrounded by seven stars called Saptarishi (in India) or Great Bear, which is static and always guide passerby specially the sailors to get right way since the ancient time when compass etc was not invented.

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