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  DHRUVH - SOCIAL AWARENESS FORUM is a registered voluntary organization having its Head Office in New Delhi. It works for the welfare of the poor and marginalized sections of our society. DHRUVH - SOCIAL AWARENESS FORUM has been working at the grass-root level since its inception in the areas of health, education, human rights and social empowerment. People  from all streams of  society have  found a common platform in our organization to uplift the social and economic structure of the poor and downtrodden. Our targeted beneficiaries  are slum dwellers and their families ensuring for them  good health, wholesome nutrition, sound education and self-employment by providing them vocational training and sourcing funds to set up their own cottage and micro-enterprises thus empowering them to lead a life of dignity. Members of the organization have received initial training from various institutions, namely: AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), MAMC (Maulana Azad Medical College), NACO (National AIDS Control Organization), SACS (State/s AIDS Control Society/ies), DMA (Delhi Medical Association) and worked with other like-minded organization like Prayas, Nehru National Youth Center, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to name a few in collaboration with National/State-level organizations. Some of our members are known resource-persons in their own right having participated at various State and National level workshops and meetings in the fields of health, social alleviation of street-children and the growth and development of our youth.

Dedicated and committed staff is the backbone of our organization with zero-tolerance for non-performers. Periodic orientation and training programs are conducted to keep them abreast with the needs and demands of society which form the bulk of our beneficiaries. The organization annual reports speak for themselves.


Need-based qualified staff is also  recruited and trained according to projects in hand.  First preference being our own  staff and volunteers committed to social work. At all levels – dedication and commitment are the key requirements.


Project Director is  the overall in charge of the projects from execution  to its end-result and is accountable to the Governing Body of the organization.  

  Sustainable growth and development of the deprived sections of our society. To set up schools, hospitals, vocational training centers, homes for widows, destitutes and orphanages.

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The word DHRUVH taken from the pole star-'Dhruvh-tara' or 'Dhruvh-star' surrounded by seven stars called Saptarishi (in India) or Great Bear, which is static and always guide passerby specially the sailors to get right way since the ancient time when compass etc was not invented.

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